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RelayCenter.Com is an "Internet" business designed to minimize costs and offer a broad range of relays at much lower prices. Your search starts and ends with RelayCenter.Com because we offer a user friendly interface that provides you access to a variety of relay products and their alternatives. This system is a simple tool that allows you to compare prices and stock among competing brands. Through our site you have the ability to place your order "Online" and ;

  • Search by partial or complete part number 
  • Check our stock status 
  • Receive immediate shipments from stock as available 
  • Schedule shipments as needed 
  • Obtain prices based on different quantities 
  • Compare prices of various manufacturers 
  • Select your first and second source 
  • Payment by 
  • credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express)
  • establish open account
  • wire transfer or prepayment 
  • Minimum purchase orders of $25-50 accepted 


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